Switch To Turn On Or Off The Reptile Brain

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Stanford University scientists have discovered an ancient survival mechanism, known as a "switch," that evolved thousands of years ago as part of our prehistoric "Reptile Brains." 

This switch is still active in our modern brains and can be used to manage weight gain by controlling the types of food we eat.

In this short video, you will learn about the "Healthy Veggie" you should avoid because it activates the switch and triggers weight gain.

You will also discover a simple "Ice-Hack" that flips the switch the other way to trigger fat loss. 

Over 56,360 people across North America and Europe have successfully used this method, which is particularly effective for people over 40 years old. Please note that this video may be removed at any time. 

If you're not interested in weight loss information that involves cosmetic surgery, medical procedures, medications, pills, exercising, or working out, this video is not for you. 

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