About Serenity

Serenity is a brand of vitamins that helps correct nutritional deficiencies in the body.

Nutrient deficiencies can be caused by poor diet, poor food quality, disease, medications, poor absorption, alcohol or eating disorders. Serenity Health supplements are designed to reinvigorate your body and mind.

“I know first hand how difficult it is to truly feel good after suffering nutrient deficiencies from drug and alcohol addiction.  After leaving rehab in 2006, I was committed to a better life, but my body needed to catch up with my new mindset.  I spent many years finding the right ratio of nutrients to help me achieve total wellness, and now I am dedicated to helping others do the same.” - Phillip Greene, Founder & CEO of Serenity Health

It is clear that life's challenges can deplete key nutrients in your body that must be replenished.  Serenity's brand of vitamins does exactly that - replenishes what was lost after periods of disease or self neglect. 

And that is why Serenity is expanding the health & wellness industry and for very good reason. 

For years, people can struggle with sleep, mood, energy, body weight, etc., but are unable to find the answers they desperately seek.  They search high and low for a way to feel like themselves again, but the health & wellness industry have continued to ignore the basic science of nutrient deficient body chemistry. 

"Had I had known then what I know now, that the right ratio of nutrients would help me feel better quicker, I would’ve gotten back to myself much sooner.  Thank you, Serenity!” - Z. Anderson, Serenity client

In order to heal the body and mind, it is important to first detox the body and then restore lost nutrients by addressing these deficiencies on a cellular level. 

About The Founder

Phillip Greene, of Agoura Hills, CA, founded Serenity on the premise that every individual deserves a rewarding life that brings inner peace, better health and more happiness. 

With a Degree in Biology and a health enthusiast, Phillip's mission for Serenity is to offer struggling individuals a safer and healthier recovery from debilitating nutritional deficiencies.